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Not everyone goes to court to fight a criminal case. Many times, it is a civil matter that must be resolved. There is a broad array of topics covered under civil disputes, and a knowledgeable attorney can help you decipher Massachusetts state laws and negotiate a reasonable resolution. We work in all courts (small claims court, superior court, and federal district court) and outside, counseling on zoning issues, contact claims, property disputes, debt collections, negligence, declaratory judgements, prelim injunctions, and more.

Civil lawsuits deal with disputes between individuals or businesses who believe they’ve been wronged. No criminal accusations are made, but compensation or a specific action is sought. In some instances, a trial is held when the parties cannot solve the issue through mediation or their lawyers.

Real estate disputes can involve personal or commercial property and are usually related to a zoning issue or disagreement about the property. You and your neighbor may disagree about where the property line lies. Or the city government may take issue with a commercial property owner’s sign placement or any noise pollution being generated in a residential area.

If you’ve entered a business or real estate contract and don’t believe the terms and conditions within the agreement are being met, you can find yourself in civil court. Contract disputes are often resolved through civil litigation.

Are you bombarded with phone calls and letters from a debt collector to the point of harassment? Or are you being sued by a collection agency? If so, we can help you take legal steps to stop their harassment and find financial relief.

Once again, civil litigation includes a wide range of legal disputes, and the ones listed above don’t even begin to scratch the surface. Disputes with your HOA (homeowners association) board, partnerships, employer, and more fall into this category. Our skilled attorneys are ready to represent you if you’re in Fall River, Massachusetts, or the surrounding areas of Bristol County, Plymouth County, New Bedford, Taunton, and Wareham.

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There are specific steps that need to be taken to begin a civil lawsuit. The first step is for the plaintiff to file a complaint with the court. An officer of the court will then serve the defendant with the complaint, which details the plaintiff’s injuries or damages and the amount of compensation or action being sought.

Next is the discovery phase, where each party must present information about the case to the other side. The evidence is gathered, and witnesses are prepared to be called in to testify about what they know. A deposition may occur, and the witness will have to answer the lawyers’ questions under oath before the trial.

Trials are expensive, and it can be a long time before the case is brought before the court. Therefore mediation, arbitration, and any other method to resolve the dispute before trial is encouraged. At this point, a settlement may be reached between the parties.

If the litigants cannot reach an agreement, a trial is scheduled. Both sides can waive their right to a jury and have a judge hear their case. The judge decides which information is presented in court based on the rules of evidence. Witnesses are kept in a separate room until it’s their turn to testify. That is done, so they do not switch their story based on what they hear in court.

Lawyers question witnesses to defend their client’s claims, and once each side is finished presenting their case, closing arguments are given. The jury or judge will determine if the defendant has harmed the plaintiff. If the defendant is found to be responsible for the damages, they will have to pay or perform the action requested by the plaintiff.

Our civil litigation attorneys have over 25 years of experience. We are ready to defend your rights in court or negotiate a respectable settlement on your behalf. Don’t wait any longer; call us now for representation if you’re in Fall River, Bristol County, Plymouth County, New Bedford, Taunton, or Wareham, Massachusetts. Don’t walk into court alone, have one of our knowledgeable attorneys in your corner.